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Marius Šinkūnas


About Marius Šinkūnas

Marius Šinkūnas, the winner of many republican and international competitions, is the only professional vibraphonist in Lithuania. He attended Colleges of Music in France and the USA. Early in his carrier, he used to live and study in Japan. After six years he returned to Lithuania, established the first vibraphone class in the Baltic States. Now Marius Šinkūnas gives master lessons in different Colleges of Music, plays classical, jazz and fusion music. He also collaborates with other musicians. He has played with a pianist, an accordionist, the string band, etc. He is also a music educator and a radio presenter.

Listen Marius Šinkūnas

A. Šlaustas “Elegy”
Marius Šinkūnas (vibrafone), Arūnas Šlaustas (piano)

Video with Marius Šinkūnas

S.Swallow “Falling Grace”, A.C.Jobim “O Grande Amor”
Marius Šinkūnas, Martynas Norvilas

Chick Corea “Open Your Eyes You Can Fly”
Marius Šinkūnas

Astor Piazzola “Vuelvo al sur”
Marius Šinkūnas, Martynas Norvilas

Chick Corea “La Fiesta”
Satoko Aoki, Marius Šinkūnas

Chick Corea “Spain”
Marius Šinkūnas